The Queue

When you queue for a particular rig so you can perform your assigned task, the Labs-On-Line server (LOL server) places you in a list of users waiting for the current users to finish their session.

The LOL server will keep you posted on how long it thinks you have to wait.

You can log out and disconnect from the internet if you wish, but please make sure you log in again at least 10 - 20 minutes before your turn comes up.

You may reach the front of the queue quicker if other students in the same group as you are in front of you. Also, if students use less than the amount of time they have reserved, you will also reach the front of the queue quicker.

If you are a staff member or a lab tutor, you don't have to wait: you will allowed to enter the lab immediately.

You may see guests in the queue. They have lower priviledges than you: they only have a restricted amount of time to play with the equipment, and they all go in at the same time. Therefore, they will only take 3-4 minutes before they will be asked to leave if students are waiting.