I cannot login - pink error messgage says Invalid login username or password.

Reason: The most likely reason is that your account was either not set up correctly or has been concelled. Note that visitor accounts that are not used within 20 days of registration are deleted.

Solution: Register again, and .

I can install the software and run LOL Login.exe but the LOGIN button remains inoperative and the indicator light remains orange (updated November 25th 2004)

Reason: Many countries, particularly in the developing world, have congested internet links to other countries. Telelabs relies on a responable 'round trip time' - the time it takes for a message to travel from your computer to us and back again. This time should be not more than about 1 second. If it is longer, this can prevent telelabs from working properly. You can see how fast your link-up is by installing and running this utlilty. (It is only a small utility and downloads and installs quickly).

If this is the first time you are trying the software, maybe you have an aggressive (or slow) firewall between you and us.

If you are using Windows XP (or ME) and you have installed service pack 2, you will probably be using the new Windows Firewall. It provides better security but is very slow when opening new connections. The new software revision (2.6 released on 25th Nov 2004) should have fixed this problem, but we cannot test this from every place in the world. The only solution (for the time being) is to disable the firewall. You can help us fix this problem by running this utlilty and sending us a screen shot of the result.

If you are using another vendor's firewall, check that ports 3015 and 4446 can be used for TCP/IP by the 'lol login' application.

If this does not solve the problem, try these diagnostics.....

Download 'Angry Ip Scanner (shareware) and check that these ports can be scanned (and found open) on (our main server). If this program does not show the ports being open, ask your internet service provider if they block these ports (none discovered so far).

The next possibility is that you are using a slow network. We have found a problem with at least one wide area wireless network (unwired.com.au) where the response time for real-time interaction was too slow. (We have used our system successfully from many countries, even developing countries like Pakistan so this does not seem to be a common problem).
We will issue a client upgrade for this problem in October.

Otherwise, it could just be that all servers are down (unlikely, but possible, in which case try again later).

Solution: Check firewall, ISP systems administrator, try again later.


I can log in to telelabs, but when I choose the task from the menu in the hallway, I get the following error (or another error like it):

Mech Student Hallway 1026-E

??? in mech spawn.vi->mech launch experiment.vi->mech student hallway.vi->mech login master.vi Error 1026 occurred at ??? in mech spawn.vi->mech launch experiment.vi->mech student hallway.vi->mech login master.vi.

Possible reasons: LabVIEW: VI Reference is invalid.

--It will now prompt to either exit program or continue. --

If continue is pressed it outputs the folowing:

Mech Student Hallway 5063-E Unable to start the task correctly. Possible casues are (1) an error in the code making the VI not executable (2) an error in the library or (3) this is not the latest version of the client. Please download the latest versions of the tasks and contact the administrator if problems persist.

Reason: The client library module needed for the task either cannot be found, or is not executable, or is out-dated.

Update your copy of the client library (see 'Verify System' tab in student hallway window), or download it again from the web site and re-install it. (See step 4 of the installation instructions).


I have been waiting in the queue for some time: I cannot see the name of the person in the queue in front of me.

Reason: The most likely reason is that the equipment is being reset automatically. This can take a few minutes. However, there is an intermittent bug in the server that can also cause this condition.

Solution: Press REFRESH, look at the estimated wait time. If this does not decrease each time you press REFRESH, logout and try again.


I requested data to be E-mailed but did not receive it.

Reason: There are two possibilities that you can check for yourself.

a) You did not specify your E-mail address correctly - use the 'Edit Details' tab of the student hallway and make sure you press the small square button to the left of the E-mail entry field to update the entry.

b) The data file is more than 5 MBytes. Our E-mail server will reject large data files. Try again and E-mail the data earlier to test this possibility.

All data files are copied to a central E-mail repository and your course supervisor. Check with the course supervisor first. He or she may have your data.



The moving chart display freezes.

Reason: Unknown software issue.

Kill the experiment client using the windows task manager and login again. You should be able to resume your experiment if you reconnect within 3 minutes.


I get the following error message:

Reason: Your login client software needs to be updated.

Download a new client installer from the telelabs web site. You will probably have to update your task library software as well: use CHECK MY SYSTEM in the student hallway to find out. The revision 2.6 update was issued on 25th November 2004.


Is this software available? What is the cost?

Yes it is available to teaching or research institutions. However your institution will need to come to a formal agreement with The University of Western Australia under which:

a) Your institution agrees to pay the cost of transferring the technology. The recommended way to do this is for a member of your staff or a graduate student to visit us for 3 months to learn how to install and set up the software, develop new on-line labs, and support users.

b) Your institution agrees to pay a share of future maintenance and upgrade costs. These would be expected to be approximately Au$10,000 per year shared across all participating institutions. You will be responsible for installing upgrades.

c) Your institution agrees to supply UWA with a copy of all enhancements that you make with the right for UWA and other participating institutions to use those enhancements in future versions of the software.

Icon Technologies can supply installation, upgrade and maintenance on a commercial basis.


Administration Issues

Login client displays server address as '0'.

Reason: Data Socket server not configured correctly.

Ensure that you use the Data Socket Server Manager to configure a pre-defined location 'lolserverlist - see Telelabs Admin Guide.