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Telerobot instructions

IF you are enrolled in Mechatronics and Multibody Systems 319, please refer to this instruction sheet.

Otherwise, if you are a visitor.......

Follow these instructions to start using the telerobot:

Step 1: Install the software from the Download page

Step 2: Run the "lol login" application (a shortcut should have been provided on your desktop).

Step 3: Log in with your UserID and password. Register to get your own UserID.

Step 4: In the student hallway, select the telerobot task. Press JOIN QUEUE, select your reserved time limit, and acknowledge the dialog box that tells you that the lab is ready. Then press ENTER LAB.

Help on using the Telelabs system is available here.

Step 6: Once you have entered the lab, you will be presented with a screen similar to this:

Making a Move:

Detailed explanations of the interface follow:

Camera Panel: Provides visual feedback for the Telerobot's table-top, as well as providing controls for the X, Y, Z values.

Select Camera/Zoom Panel: Contains two drop-down menus that allow you to select the camera (and quality) you wish to view with, as well as a level of zoom. Possible choices are:

Users on a slow Internet connection should use the low quality motion or still camera images.
The stretch to fit zoom level is usually appropriate for common Telerobot use, but if you'd like to make a very small movement and want to see its effects, increase the zoom level as appropriate.

Note: There is only one camera available for use currently (the X-Axis camera) - additional cameras are being considered and will be installed at a later point in time.

Current Position Panel: This tells you the current position and orientation of the Telerobot.

Data Error Panel: Tells you whether there was some error in processing the information sent to your computer. This is typically true if your client software is outdated.

Connection Panel: Tells you whether your have a working connection with the Telerobot server.

Position Controls Panel: Allows you to select the values of certain variables as well as submitting the current movement command to the Telerobot.

Note: The Move button will be disabled and greyed-out on some occasions. These are:

Telelabs Controls Panel: Informs you of the amount of time you have left to use the Telerobot (when there is no time left, the next person in the queue may kick you out of the room); tells you who has current control of the Telerobot; allows you to initiate a chat window - so you can talk with other users in the lab experiment; and allows you to Quit the experiment - you will be prompted for confirmation, as well as being asked if you'd like your session's experiment data to be emailed to you.

Miscellaneous: The grid visible on the table-top is comprised of 5x5 squares, each of length and width 100mm. The bottom-left of the grid is thus (X, Y) = (0, 0). Bottom-right = (500, 0). Top-left = (0, 500). Top-right = (500, 500). This may help you when trying to ascertain where the blocks on the table are, and where you'd like the arm to move to.