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Invented by Ken Taylor in 1994, developments by Barney Dalton and many other students, ABB Robot Controller for LabVIEW by Andrew Babbage, Concept Design James Trevelyan. New block handling code being developed by Tom Foster

Latest updates

(01-Sep-2011) System rebuilt for LabVIEW 2010 and Windows 7 - old clients incompatible
(03-Aug-2009) Re-opened for teaching semester
(30-Apr-2009) Closed for LabVIEW & Server Upgrade
(28-Feb-2009) Re-opened
(20-Nov-2008) Closed for summer - energy conservation measure
(02-Nov-2008) Re-opened
(29-Oct-2008) Closed for maintenance
(23-Jul-2007) Upgrade to LabVIEW 8.2 (Remote Clients)
(22-Aug-2006) LabVIEW Runtime Engine updated (downloads page)
(27-Jul-06) FTP fault and cameras fixed, new client available
(03-Mar-06) Electrical fault fixed, batteries replaced
(23-Jan-06) Electrical fault on robot
(30-Nov-05) Temporary loss of FTP site and images on front panel
(01-Nov-05) Teaching semester ends
(03-Oct-05) Classes resume - project teams using robot
(18-Sep-05) Teaching break
(02-Sep-05) Robot in use for lab classes during day time
(08-Aug-05) Robot controller working most of time
(19-Jul-05) Site power failure, hardware fault in robot controller
(18-Jul-05) Estimated date for normal service resumption
(29-Jun-05) New software revision (LabVIEW 7.1)
(20-Jun-05) Maintenance - expect lots of down time.
(25-Nov-04) Revision 2.6 server and clients released
(11-Oct-04) New clients installed
(04-Oct-04) Robot being used for frequent student classes until November.
(13-Sep-04) New robot clients under test
(21-Aug-04) New client released
(20-Aug-04) Robot available for public use
(16-Aug-04) Instructions page has been updated for the new controls; added a Tour page.
(19-May-04) A new table top has been installed to replace the old one.